Your X Office


Are you an independent or franchise business owner looking for a change, or a successful agent wanting to open your own office?

X Commercial and its group membership structure can offer new office partners the best features and benefits of a large global firm and a bespoke boutique firm all in one.


"We can offer an ownership piece — you cannot get elsewhere. We are not a global firm, we are not a franchise office, having spent the last 18 years in both kinds' businesses, we have taken the best parts of both when forming this Group. We are a seamless, integrated and cohesive team across 5 locations". - Daniel O'Brien | CEO

If you have ever thought, why am I working for less than 50% and not building my own asset?

We are prepared to back you into starting your own office. We will take care of all your Year 1 costs in opening a new office. X Commercial can provide the systems, CRM, and all the back of house all you need to do is sell and lease and do what you do best. You get a very capable partner who has built successful agency teams very quickly, and join an existing large commercial business.

We would love to help the right operators take an equity stake in your own office, and welcome other business owners into the group giving you fast growth and scalability immediately. Call Daniel O'Brien for a confidential chat today on 0404 860 747

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