X Finance


X Finance offers a diverse range of lending services to individuals and businesses across Australia. We are affiliated with one of the largest mortgage houses in Australia (Nectar Mortgages).

We understand the complex financial landscape in Australia and always strive to find the perfect solution for you. We leverage multi-disciplinary financial skills with extensive local experience and a broad understanding of relevant asset classes.

We work across the finance and real estate sectors and take great pride in connecting you with the lenders with most competitive rates.

The team at X Finance have built a business based on ethics, passion and logic.   

We are committed to the needs of our clients and are recognised as one of the most respected and well-resourced commercial brokers operating in Australian capital markets. 

X Finance is an entirely separate entity from X Commercial and while the broker will have access to all the real time market intelligence and Valuations in-house, he will remain at arm’s length and at all times maintains integrity and confidentiality.


X Finance will be able to arrange following for our clients;

  • Typical acquisition loans for Commercial, Industrial or Retail properties

  • Asset Finance = Plant and Equipment, Fit outs, Pallet Racking, Infrastructure etc

  • Refinancing of all Asset types

  • Residential Home Loans

  • Car Loans, Trucks, Machinery, and specialised Vehicle finance

  • Personal Loans

  • Commercial and residential funding, re-financing of entire commercial portfolios

  • Business expansion and growth funding

We have an expert on standby to help you today, please get in touch. We look forward to working for you.