Surry Hills Commercial Property for Rent / Lease

X-Commercial can find you the perfect commercial property for rent in the Surry Hills. We have hundreds of offices, industrial warehouses and retail outlets just waiting for you to view. Talk with one of expert real estate advisors to let us know your needs and budget and we'll do the rest.

Each property has been assessed and chosen for its quality by our expert team. You can be rest assured you'll only find the best commercial properties to lease in the Surry Hills on our books. If you spot something you like, hit the ''enquire'' tab to book a viewing.

Our Services

  • Auctions
  • Property sales
  • Property leasing
  • Asset management
  • Commercial finance
  • Advisory
  • Facilities management
  • Development sites
  • Portfolio optimisation

Why Choose Us?

X-Commercial has a huge amount of experience in the commercial property field. With the combined force of four powerhouse agencies, we've become a leading firm in Sydney and the surrounding area. We offer our valued clients a machine of 45 staff across four office locations and we've worked with investors, owners, developers and tenants.

We offer the best customer service and the latest advice according to market trends. Whether you're looking to buy, sell, lease or have your property managed, X-Commercial are ready to help you out. Contact us any time for free advice or to view one of our many commercial properties.

Looking for a Commercial Property to Rent in the Surry Hills?

We have many commercial properties to lease in the Surry Hills. Choose from industrial warehouses, modern offices and smart retail outlets. If you see something you like, call us immediately or fill out the online form to book a viewing.


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